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Healthy Cultures is a fermented food company located in Tumwater, WA.

Using fresh organic produce, and only high-quality natural ingredients, we hand-craft our food in small batches that are carefully monitored for quality.

You can currently find us at the Olympia Farmer’s Market every weekend – Saturday and Sunday from 10AM – 3PM.

A large glass jar of fermented purple kraut with daikon radish, sitting on a stainless steel table with knives in the background

Living, probiotic foods for flavor and health

For thousands of years, people have used the process of fermentation to preserve foods, and to enhance their flavor, texture, and nutritional properties.

Fermented foods are familiar to almost everyone (bread, cheese, wine, vinegar, yogurt, and soy sauce are just a few examples). The process of fermentation generates unique flavors that enrich our foods and makes them last for longer without spoiling, reducing food waste.

Fermented foods have numerous health benefits including probiotic boosting of digestive health, immune support, and increased vitamins and minerals. They make the nutrients in food more available for our bodies to absorb, and they build up healthy microbial communities in our digestive systems that help us digest food better and ward off sickness.

Here in our kitchen we utilize a blend of ancient and modern fermentation technologies to create fresh, delicious, nutritious foods to enhance your meals with new flavors.

Locally hand-crafted using fresh, organic ingredients

Fresh Ingredients

We use all fresh natural ingredients, and don’t use any chemical additives or preservatives. Supporting local farms is very important to us, and we strive to source our produce locally as much as possible.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions about our products or ordering:


Phone: 360-996-1196

Mail: 2915 29th Ave SW, Suite D, Tumwater, WA 98512