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Enjoy the ROOTS of your labor!

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Food Changes Everything!


Learn the importance of choosing nourishing foods!

 Not only the foods that you put into your mouth, but also finding ways to nourish your soul! Even a hug is food! What do you think is going to make you happier in the morning...2 Vitamin C tabs  or one hug?! Lifestyle issues are more important than dietary issues, although dietary issues ARE critical! 

We ARE what we eat!


What we eat changes long after the flavor is gone. It goes into our stomach, is absorbed into our blood, and becomes part of our cells, tissues, our thoughts and feelings, our skin and hair...we ARE what we eat!

Balance is the key!


All the green food in the world will not keep us completely healthy if we are not nourishing our soul.  Having love in our lives, connection, purpose, moving our bodies, having a career that you love or finding a way to love the career that you have, finding a spiritual practice....whatever brings you depth and strength! The key is in helping you recognize the attention that your mind and body needs and helping you take those steps to give yourself balance in self-love and care!