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This is our daughter. Our journey started five years ago after she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.  We were told that she would need to be on very potent medication and may suffer from this lifelong, debilitating disease which may require multiple surgeries to remove effected portions of her colon. To us, that sounded like a death sentence. We decided upon seeking help from a homeopathic doctor who reassured us that Crohn's is actually an auto-immune disease that can be treated with food and lifestyle changes. Through the help of the homeopathic doctor, we set upon a path to regain our daughters health. Fast forward and she is very well, very active, and a true testament to the importance of mindful eating and lifestyle choices. The journey has been very difficult, but also very empowering. I believe that God allows difficult things into our lives so that we can learn from them and then be able to turn that knowledge and experience into tools to help others. The difficulties are certainly unpleasant and unwanted at the time. But, if we allow God into the mix, He can use those difficulties in amazing ways! Because of this, I enrolled into the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! I look forward to sharing this knowledge and experience by helping and supporting you through whatever YOU are journeying through!